Hi guys! I’m Hannah, Born in Bolton, live in Bolton pretty much never leave Bolton! I’m such a home girl at heart!

I’m a Mummy of two boys Zac & Rex & one man child Nat!
Family is everything to me, we’re always ready for the next adventure. Though when we’re lacking in some vitamin D, we grab the tent & venture of down to Cornwall in the search of the sun.

I’ve always had a strong love of being outdoors, exploring Mother Earth & all her natural beauty.
My love of photography started at a young age, watching my late Grandad photographing the wildlife in his backyard. Capturing life through a lens just fascinates me!

In 2012 I welcomed my first baby and I literally couldn’t put the camera down. I was so focused on capturing every moment, I really didn’t want to miss a thing. I wanted the memories, his tiny little hands, how his hair stuck up on end, how he scrunched up his little face when he stretched. He was perfect, my piece of art that I wanted to showcase to the world. Not long after I had friends asking if I could take a couple images of their babies, then friends of friends and so on. There wasn’t many photographers in our area, none who focused on newborns at that!

It was then that I decided to leave my career as an early years practitioner to persuade my passion and become a newborn photography specialist. I wanted to allow other family’s to have these memories like I did of my baby.

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